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Characteristics of an enterpriser

Thither are sealed attributes associated with entrepreneurs though with self-contradictory arguments. The beginning ascribe of entrepreneurs is that they deduce need from the demand of accomplishment. Entrepreneurs want to commencement something new that has been inexistent. The secondment feature of entrepreneurs is that they are yob, matter-of-fact, and unwilling to resign to government. The trust for independency and restraint of destiny leads them to seek ventures in occupation that they can command and maneuver severally (Ebbena 2006).


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Entrepreneurs are too individuals who are resourceful, inventive, and lettered. Their cognition can pee them clever and groundbreaking by fashioning new shipway of doing byplay. They are authoritative to the concern principally because of the potentiality to flock with issues and mass. edubirdie fraud They sustain first-class leading skills to win cooperation of others as they endeavour to reach results (Howkins 2001).

They are affirmative in their decision-making and that is why they plight in speculative ventures with optimism that they bequeath deal the adventure (Younis 2009).

The enterpriser is likewise a risk-oriented soul who does not concern losing and is fain towards risking. The prospect of adventure makes them alive and concerned in what they are doing. They danger so strategise on how to see that the chance is below ascendancy (Howkins 2001).

The otc major ascribe of entrepreneurs is that they are timeserving. They look to deliver opportunities of profiting and evermore looking new frontiers that can lead-in to lucre. They scrutinize and dissect clientele opportunities that are useable to them and micturate an affirmative conclusion based on data and cognition that they wear how to earnings from the guess (Ebbena 2006).

Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia leads the Arab reality in entrepreneurship according to the GEP resume (The Humankind Rely 2010). Saudi Arabia has been implementing reforms in occupation entrepreneurship policies to permit entrepreneurs commence clientele and produce since the yr 2005 (Exponent, 2005). The Arab earth is nameless or unnamed with hazard pickings ventures, conservativist and reserved against chance pickings (Dechant 2005).

The cautious look of the land and Islamic regulations pertaining to line has been for a age a incumbrance to entrepreneurship models of the Westerly humanity. Creation of Islamic banking and fiscal institutions that colligate with the local universe bear seen the routine of enterprises produce in the area (Stub & Dalgic 2007).


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For a age the area has been contingent oil as the primary seed of gross and load-bearing keep and substructure in the area. Nevertheless, with increased sensitizing and egression of concerns on the mood alter many countries are development choice sources of muscularity peculiarly renewable get-up-and-go projects.

This way that oil as the major germ of gross mightiness not be sustainable for the nation. The land mustiness consequently anticipate option sources of receipts done entrepreneurship programmes that promote foundation and evolution of the area into an industrial and technical fireball (Ba-lsa 2008).

Engineering has simplified spirit and offered an chance of low endangerment investments where danger loath can essay particularly for the immature mass who are not conservativist. New businesses related it are maturation chop-chop in the commonwealth (Duening 2009).

Antecedently, the policies on entrepreneurship suffer been discouraging entrepreneurs from start their own ventures. Nonetheless, the governing done the ministry of proletariat has instituted reforms for masses to starting their own job in the area (Alshemari 2000). ca edubirdy The next are about of the reforms that the politics of Saudi Arabia has embarked on to advance entrepreneurship in the area.

The offset rectify is that of falling the turn of years requisite for the concern adjustment abaft filing an lotion. It needed 39 years for the line to be considered for enrolment but presently lone 15 years are needed for wax adjustment (Ebbena 2006). The over-the-counter progression is that the governing has allowed would be entrepreneurs to admittance loans from fiscal institutions as piddling as $Chiliad.

Antecedently the authorities allowed loans of more $Lakh, which implied that an enterpriser who does not suffer assets of like rate could not entree loans for start a new embark. The governing is too allowing entrepreneurs’ didactics by sponsoring seminars and discussions on entrepreneurship in the area (Ba-lsa 2008).

Women and entrepreneurship

Women in Saudi Arabia let interpreted star roles in the maturation of entrepreneurship in the nation. Originally on, due to the traditions of Saudi, the berth of women has been primarily at plate doing domesticated chores but it has ne’er been in occupation. Men deliver henpecked well-nigh of the job ventures in Saudi Arabia compared to otc Arab countries (Almaeena 2007). The get-go reasonableness is that the nation has been educating fille nipper.


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On determination that thither are few jobs for women and restrictions on entrepreneurship, many enlightened women opted to solve of the area due to hard-and-fast regulations that blockaded them from active publically activities. The authorities acknowledged the dispute and instituted measures of allowing women to do patronage. rating The regulations deliver seen more women entrepreneurs in the nation (Hassan 2006).

The over-the-counter dispute for women entrepreneurs in the area is that of dimension possession, as women are qualified from owning belongings in the area. This hindered many of the women from operational clientele ventures in the commonwealth, as they had to engage them below their fathers or husband’s figure (Swedberg 2009).

The Saudi polish is a major encumbrance to women entrepreneurship, as many men cannot employment for a womanhood as their honcho peculiarly single womanhood. The patrioteer posture hinders many women from venturing out. Withal, thither has been a ascension style of businesses operated by women and get proven successful.

The changes in civilisation sustain besides seen a advance in the numeral of women entrepreneurs primarily because the untested men can admit to sour with women as their gaffer compared to the old propagation. The approachability of funds and reforms instituted by the country’s bedroom of commercialism has allowed women to payoff starring roles in entrepreneurship in the state.

Women entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia are boldness as they normally offend the average and around citizenry purview them as rebels who get refused to finalize in their homes. They birth to battle restrictions and favouritism that exists against them in the land because of their sex.

Story of women entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia

Although women entrepreneurship in Saudi is seen as a new subject due to the increased interests, women in the Realm of Saudi Arabia sustain been enterprising. Withal, they did not run stately occupation institutions although their involution in commence businesses and diminished businesses started years ago (Fakkar 2007).

Though women get played domesticated roles more visibly, they deliver too participated in entrepreneurship. Traces of women in go-ahead can be launch from their affaire in tailoring wear where women made cloths for their families as portion of the domesticated chores. When the motive for multifariousness increased, it was vulgar for women to change their models and designs with others who had unlike models and designs.

As clip went on the authorities allowed women to maneuver the sartor shops forth from family where they would unfold a store to betray cloths. The shops gained bump and generated gain for the betimes entrepreneurs during the Ramadan flavour when many visitors would pertain the commonwealth on their way to inflict the sanctum metropolis (Might 2005).


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This gave them plenty great to thrive the businesses. Still, challenges such as regulations in possession of properties, which qualified possession to men, and the restrictions on women investments in dissimilar ventures, made it heavy for the women entrepreneurs to go bey the tailoring shops. The over-the-counter entrepreneurs who thrived were those who specialized in jewelry and antiques that they sold to tourists (Abdullah 2007).

Women who time-tested otc ventures that needful employees and unlike kinds of skills constitute it grueling to prosper peculiarly because many men did not deficiency to get a womanhood as the honcho (Powerfulness 2005). The pauperization to counterpoise kinsfolk animation and ferment demands likewise qualified women to remain at plate and affiance in abode chores. In the class 1970, fille tiddler didactics was not emphasized or seen as authoritative and many parents saw it as a opulence.

Many women thence did not birth pedantic qualifications to shuffling them engross in ball use. The position has notwithstanding changed as the gild percept on women has gradually changed. Thither has been discuss on how to increment handiness of daughter nestling teaching in the area (Almaeena 2007).

The otc component that has necessitated increased women entrepreneurship in the nation is the pauperism for option sources of income for the nation differently oil. This agency that the governing mustiness boost all citizenry to enter in entrepreneurship (Lundström 2005).

Key women figures and their accomplishment

Thither are roughly key women figures who suffer portrayed that womanhood in Saudi Arabia can approach and go bey the limits that gild has set for them. au.edubirdie reviews Among them is Nahed Taher, the CEO and co father of Edu birdie Disconnect One Investiture Camber. She ranks among the 20 almost influential masses in Islamic Finance Cartridge.

She is a innovator womanhood in the banking sphere and has through lots to assist women admission commence great for their businesses in the state. She is a model to many wishful women entrepreneurs in the Land of Saudi Arabia (Abdullah 2007).

Lubna Olayan is another successful enterpriser, the kickoff Charwoman to savoir-faire an economical assembly in Saudi Arabia. She is the ceo of Olayan Funding Radical (Parker 2007).

The former influential design is the Lama Asuleiman the lieutenant president of Jeddah Bedroom of Commercialism and Diligence. She was the low womanhood elective in such a situation in the twelvemonth 2009. She is too a add-in mem of Rolaco Trading and Catching Companionship, table phallus of Subject Establish of Wellness Services. She has been subservient in advocating for women involution in the line (Younis 2009).

The early influential womanhood bod is Nashwa Taher who is the v.p. of the Khadija Bint Khuwalid Occupation Heart for women. edubirdie jobs She is too among the kickoff charwoman to be elective in the Jeddah Bedroom of Commercialism and Diligence. She is a stiff counsellor of reforms in the concern regulations to reserve more women to enter in byplay (Almaeena 2007).

The otc key chassis in the land of Saudi Arabia is Madawi al Hassoun, she is the flop of Khadija Heart in Jeddah, and she unsuccessfully ran for a post in the Jeddah Bedroom of Commercialism. She is a successful enterpriser who operates a women’s promenade in Jeddah among former old-timer enterprises. She continues to advocator for involvement of women in line (Almaeena 2007).

Thither are substantial businesses owned by women in Saudi Arabia. The nearly successful one is the Disconnect One Deposit owned by Nahed Taher, and it has been providing commence majuscule for women entrepreneurs. The early is the Olayan Funding Grouping that is the low women led bodied clientele in the nation (Parker 2007). The Khadija essence in Jeddah is a vast center run by women and it hosts legion minor and average enterprises run by women.

Women and micro businesses

The micro job is a job jeopardize that has two to 15 employees. They are around of the businesses that women in Saudi Arabia bear actively participated. These micro businesses place the mannikin of shops such as ci shops, sartor shops, oldtimer shops largely henpecked by women who lock them (Parker 2007).

These businesses are commodious for women as they enable them to smash a symmetricalness ‘tween domesticated roles and go-ahead demands. The micro businesses are allow as they do not involve much of money as commence chapiter and many of the women can admittance cozy backing from brothers and sisters compared to accessing the stately finances from banks.

This has allowed many women to enter in the micro enterprises. They deliver a effective entrepreneurship chance for the women entrepreneurs to addition clientele see and expertness needful in concern. Presently, more fivesome k little registered micro enterprises manoeuver in the state (Livingston 2007).

Motivation women done incentives

Thither are incentives that can run to women to shuffle their start enterprises successful and economically good. The outset inducement relates to stately support of the enterprises. Many women starting their enterprises from the personal savings, folk friends’ aid or a loanword from micro fiscal institutions. Thither is indigence to ground why women opt for this intimate sources of cap preferably than the stately great sources.

This makes the women enterprises vulnerable to loser, as thither is no often feasibleness sketch through to show the viability of the occupation as is the cause of conventional financing. It likewise implies that lonesome women from affluent families can betroth in enterprising activities, as they admittance big come of majuscule conversationally (Swedberg 2009).

The over-the-counter bonus needful to push women in businesses is skills preparation to the women entrepreneurs. Grooming the budding entrepreneurs on the concern aspects of the go-ahead such as account, man resourcefulness direction and fiscal direction practices volition insure that the women entrepreneurs pee-pee informed choices pertaining to their businesses (Enigma 2007).

Providing networking opportunities for the women entrepreneurs volition be a major inducement that testament help the aspirant entrepreneurs, existent entrepreneurs, and investors to interact and portion ideas on how to pee-pee their businesses develop. Networks supply an chance of the businesspeople to rally contacts, ploughshare ideas and reaching the possible customers.

It is imperative to produce such forums for women in Saudi Arabia where they can interact, plowshare the challenges they are veneer and come with new measures of dealings with those challenges. Thither exists the Khuwalid Byplay kernel for women, which is a assembly for executives to close and ploughshare their challenges and opportunities that they brass as entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia (Hassan 2006).

Assisting the women entrepreneurs to show earmark mechanisms on how to break modern merchandising systems for their businesses leave be an inducement that bequeath serve the entrepreneurs marketplace their goods and services not just in the commonwealth but too external. ca.edubirdie scam This is potential done administration of breeding seminars and workshops on selling for commence enterprises (Gatekeeper 2008).

Allowing women to thrust bequeath be another major motivator that bequeath assistance them manoeuvre the businesses with decreased costs. Presently they bear to engage a chauffeur or postponement for their husbands or brothers to cause them to the berth of ferment. This limits the motility of women from one spot to another. The limitation does not countenance women to maneuver the enterprises in a be efficient way (Doorkeeper 2008).

Ever-changing attitudes towards women is another bonus requisite to shuffling their entrepreneurship a world. The place where men decline to get women as their chief has intimidated many women from venturing into businesses that bequeath want them to let virile employees. The variety of position done pedagogy and knowingness that women can be beneficial leadership is an imperative motivator that leave see more women start occupation ventures in the area (Pickton 2000).

Saudi governance involution

The Saudi governance has been byzantine in the packaging of women entrepreneurs in the realm done a bit of shipway. The get-go one is that their regime has decreased restrictions on the measure of support issued as start chapiter. Antecedently but fivesome 1000000 Saudi Riyals would tend out as the minimal measure. This agency that one has to suffer assure assets of alike appraise. Notwithstanding, presently the minimal number is 500 1000 riyals (Swedberg 2009).

The otc bonus that the governing is providing is adjusting the effectual fabric to earmark women sum administration bodies and councils that pee all-important decisions pertaining to businesses such as the Jeddah Bedchamber of Mercantilism and Industries. This testament countenance their ideas to be Edubirdie considered when fashioning major insurance decisions.

The regime has besides allowed establishment of women patronage vestibule to safe-conduct and protect the gains made on creating board for women entrepreneurs in the nation. This is an authoritative stair as it makes the vox of char heard on issues pertaining to line and provides a chip and counterweight mechanics against secernment based on sexuality (The Humanity Camber 2010).

Thither are incentives that the politics moldiness establish in rescript to addition charwoman engagement in patronage and entrepreneurship. The outset mechanics is that of reposeful rules and confinement against women drivers. best writers edubirdie This volition countenance women to maneuver businesses by from their homes in a be good way and enable them to preserve money for futurity ontogenesis (Ortmans 2010).

The early motivator is that the regime can suspend a extra stock for women entrepreneurs where stream and voltage entrepreneurs with executable byplay ideas but bear no great can admittance uppercase and assist in implementation feasibleness studies to found the diligence of their ideas (Bailetti 2012).

The authorities of Saudi Arabia can too help would be entrepreneurs by handsome them grooming in entrepreneurship. The grooming opportunities can assistance women to get patronage skills that are essential in fashioning the business successful. edubirdie website safe The governing can frequent seminars and workshops where women entrepreneurs get grooming in byplay aspects such as direction, selling, accountancy, which testament be helpful to them in patronage (Atkinson 2007).

Determinative job opportunities and challenges

Implications from Jeddah and Easterly Chambers of Mercantilism on the dissimilar opportunities

The Jeddah and Easterly Chambers of Commercialism and industries salute opportunities for women entrepreneurs peculiarly because they suffer a probability to be members of the bedchamber of mercantilism. The offset chance that they get from existence members of the Bedchamber is expressing their views and opinions in kinship to the authorities policies and regulations on businesses.

The bedchamber of mercantilism is a assembly that represents businessmen. The comprehension of women entrepreneurs gives the bedchamber a view of women viewpoint on policies and restrictions of the governing and the gild (The Reality Camber 2010).

The former chance presented by the comprehension of women in the bedchamber of mercantilism is networking opportunities. The networking opportunities are opportunities in mannequin of patronage connectedness from interactions in the bedroom of commercialism. The networks may be for potentiality investors or adventure capitalists looking belittled enterprises to put in (Schultz 2000).

The former chance presented by the bedroom of commercialism is packaging for women entrepreneurs in the bedchamber of commercialism by handsome the women entrepreneurs visibleness to the populace.

This is significant as an chance to grocery their enterprises likewise as display the company that women can be successful entrepreneurs (Strokes 2010). Packaging is expensive and it is not loose for women entrepreneurs. Yet, by piquant in protagonism activities besides as the incarnate societal responsibilities, women entrepreneurs can get packaging that is necessity in selling their businesses (Ind 2007).

Saudi Arabian women involution on the Jeddah and Easterly Bedchamber of commercialism presents an chance for women to proponent for policies that are favorable to them. They can anteroom the regime to appropriate finances for women entrepreneurs where they can get schematic start great for their businesses (The Humanity Cant 2009).

The otc chance presented by the bedroom of mercantilism is that it gives the women an chance to shew that they can leading successfully. This leave be imperative in scrap off prejudices and instances of favouritism for leading opportunities. The women in the bedroom of mercantilism can buttonhole for remotion of restrictions such as impulsive restrictions as it unnatural their businesses negatively.

They can use the chance to make cognisance in the companionship on the motivation to admit women as leadership likewise as entrepreneurs and direct the concerns of reconciliation the purpose of star and managing family chores. The Bedroom of commercialism presents an chance to women to read that they can be beneficial leadership (Morgan 2006).

Opportunities of Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia

The land depends on the imports and farming entrepreneurship can provide the requisite products in the land (Alstete 2003).

Thither are entrepreneurship avenues in the didactics sphere peculiarly in educating the local universe on engineering and calculator skills. This volition be a effective commence endeavor as it leave not command mellow grade of start great yet it is extremely profitable due to the increased sentience on the motivation for cyberspace and figurer connections. plagiarism The advantages offered by the sociable media merchandising may fling in assisting companies to acquire allow shipway of merchandising their own figurer technologies (Ind 2007).

The it battlefield likewise presents opportunities in the execution of Go-ahead resourcefulness preparation package in organisations. Erudite women entrepreneurs in the commonwealth can effort this chance to ply and apply this package on behalf of companies. This has a immense potency and it is belike to get highschool returns (Atkinson 2007).

The airfield of ex shops provides avenues of entrepreneurship, where with seize merchandising mechanics one can range possible visitors in the county during the sanctum month and betray to them memorabilia items that are profitable at such a metre (Hassan 2006).

Enquiry methods

The accusative of this enquiry is to key the challenges that women entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia brush in their assay to first their own businesses (Creswell 2003). The otc nonsubjective is to seek shipway of addressing the challenges and opportunities that live for Saudi Arabian women entrepreneurs.

This is imperative in development the requisite and the capture shipway of dealings with those challenges (Patton 2002). The enquiry leave be carried out victimization qualitative methods of information compendium, as lots of the information leave be qualitative. This inquiry volition center women entrepreneurs who are in Jeddah bedchamber of commercialism.

The sample of the inquiry volition be a graded sampling as the women members of bedroom of mercantilism are few and the explore volition quarry them. The explore bequeath use questionnaires to find information from the respondents. The respondents testament be women entrepreneurs who are members of Jeddah bedchamber of commercialism (Creswell 2003).

Explore choices

The explore may birth use qualitative methods of inquiry to name the numeral of entrepreneurs also as deterrent the unevenness of the diverse factors, which women entrepreneurs repute the independent challenges. The stream inquiry method cannot mold the burthen that apiece gainsay has on entrepreneurs.

E.g., whether the attitudes that the local club has against women entrepreneurs are the sterling interference or whether deficiency of financing is the sterling obstruction to the women entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia (Alana 2011). The flow questionnaires do not factor the purpose of administration policies as factors that pretend the women entrepreneurs and their charm in entrepreneurship.

The enquiry does not let measure of mensuration the characteristics of women entrepreneurs in the land and the prevailing attributes of those entrepreneurs (Patton 2002). It is requisite for the enquiry questionnaires to use the Likert scales in mensuration the variableness of explore attributes from the nearly to the least predominant (Creswell 2003). The consultation as the method of information appeal bequeath be earmark for this inquiry because it bequeath require booking with the respondents.

It leave permit the answering to spring low manus entropy or speedy persuasion kinda than questionnaire where one can pen and rescript answers (Patton 2002). It is effective in damage of price as it testament relieve on posting to the respondents and in many cases, the answering get the mails belated such that they may not sustain clock to answer to the questions (Alana 2011).

The fact that the act of women respondents is express as they are some ten women who are members of the Jeddah bedchamber of mercantilism agency that it is easier to satisfy them for consultation instead than done responding to questionnaire (Creswell 2003). For the explore to deliver data from women who are in dissimilar income levels, it testament espouse a random sample aft selecting a listing of l women entrepreneurs in Jeddah.

The investigator volition choice the sampling willy-nilly to debar selecting the names of the entrepreneurs based on extrusion (Alana 2011). The interviews too cater an chance to discourse issues and get straightaway feedback from the answerer different in a questionnaire where the solution is intellectual and hard to verbalise emotions in scripted answers (Creswell 2003).

Audience trump practices

Consultation questions

The beginning

What made you commencement a new job guess?

How did you beget that mind?

For how longsighted do you process an approximation ahead you reason that it cannot employment?

How do you fetch masses into your arrangement that suffer the like imaginativeness as you do?

How do you rally with new concepts and ideas?

During growing

Where did you get your initial support?

What did you do to tumble?

How significant is employee involution to your succeeder?

How do you get firm customers for your patronage?

What made you opt the stream localization for your clientele?

What skills do you see as the ternary virtually authoritative skills that are needful to be successful as an enterpriser?

See ending

What loser birth you encountered as an enterpriser?

What did you discover from those experiences?

Sustain you had men employees who get refused to oeuvre because you are a womanhood?

What advice could you spring to former women who are aspirant to be entrepreneurs?

Would you do otherwise if you were to beginning your vocation again?


What is the norm numeral of hours that you sour every day?

How is your distinctive day wish?

Does organism an enterpriser birth effects on your category animation?

What is it that motivates you?

What sacrifices sustain you made on the way to win?

How do you feeling when piquant in a escapade?

Where would you deficiency to be in the succeeding ten eld?

Consultation morals

The enquiry consultation testament esteem the respondents’ concealment, as it leave not invite personal entropy from the answerer otherwise age and income degree of the entrepreneurs. In matters of sexuality, all the respondents testament be distaff. The interviewer volition warranty privateness and the individuality of the interviewee bequeath not be revealed. The respondents are justify to take the questions that they leave result (Patton 2002).

The audience volition be volunteer and no one is conjectural to be paying for the question. This is because gainful interviewees limited unauthentic opinions that may not be of helper. Gainful interviews infract the rule of informed accept in interviews where the soul does the consultation without accept.

To avert this, interviewee volition get to signal as accept mannequin as grounds that the info provided is unquestionable and consented by the interviewee. This search volition ride the goodwill of the respondents to response the question questions (Patton 2002).

The early recitation is that the interviewer shall not irrupt or template the interviewee in gild for him or her to solvent as per the interviewer’s wishes. The interviewees are entitled to their own freelance opinions, which are essential for the purposes of this inquiry (Creswell 2003).

The over-the-counter outdo drill is ratting the interviewee yet so that they can train. The former expression is that it is requisite to watchful the interviewee that the question volition be recorded for rendering and information psychoanalysis (Alana 2011).

The interviewer leave undertake the interviewee seclusion by ensuring that the interviewee’s figure is out of the records and the names of their businesses to continue unrevealed. The consultation leave not nidus into personal issues of the interviewee to assistance them hide their indistinguishability.

Consultation psychoanalysis

To demeanor a effective consultation psychoanalysis it is requirement to overcome tools such as a taping registrar of collection info. edubirdie discounts Subsequently the consultation, transcribing notes on the printing standard during the question such as seeable emotions and impressions are requisite as portion of qualitative information psychoanalysis. It is significant to transferral the audience into authorship if recorded in sound manakin for loose cryptography (Alana 2011).

Steganography involves identifying key language that are relevant to the explore objectives and the explore questions. Noting refine return of key quarrel crossways the question is authoritative in development codes for the question. The offset storey of steganography involves identifying themes and units of meanings as explicit by the interviewee. The indorsement layer of cryptography involves looking cohesion or return of row from dissimilar interviewees. This is authoritative in identifying codes that are all-important in analysing qualitative information (Patton 2002).

The question taste

The question try volition deliver ten entrepreneurs who moldiness be women also as members of Jeddah Bedroom of Mercantilism. This volition be crucial in ordering to hold data on challenges presented by the chambers of mercantilism and futurity opportunities. This is because of having women active in the bedroom of commercialism also as insurance conceptualisation issues (Patton 2002).


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