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SELECT A POSITION AT THE TABLE. Watch for the tightest player at the table. Pick a spot to that players left. We have dedicated an entire chapter later on to table position strategy. Find the best online roulette games and play yukon gold slots online here.

TAKE NOTES ON PLAYERS. Record playing styles. Do they raise before the flop? Do they fold before the flop? What’s the size of their stake? Do they react quickly or slowly when their turn
1.comes up? What kind of cards did they play on? Everyone should take player notes at casinos like Party Poker where they offer the feature. Don~t know how to take notes? Just right~click on the avatar (picture) of the target player and click ~Player Notes~. That feature is there for a very good reason -use it.

TURN OFF CHAT. It’s distracting and rarely valuable. If you want to chat, use MSN -but never while you’re playing for money.

TURN OFF TV’s, MUSIC, OTHER DISTRACTIONS. Now is not the time to catch the score on your favorite game or consume a bucket of chicken. If anyone’s going to be distracted, it should be your opponents. Let them miss cues, watch their stack disappear and wonder what happened.

PLAY TIGHT. Follow the Food Chain Theory. Learn the rules. Understand the odds. Bet like a’shark’, not a’fish’.

PLAY FOR ONE HOUR -then take a break, regardless of whether you’re winning or losing. This will keep you sharper than the other players who are hanging on for that one last win.

And there you are. Ten steps that will make you thousands, maybe a lot more over time.

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